Vision & Values
Vision & Values
To ensure expansion and leadership in the sector we constantly upgrade to
keep up with the latest technology and innovations. Efficient administration
and responsibility for the safety and health of all our employees is our
prime concern. We are sensitive to ecological issues as is evident from our
surroundings and premises. Sua Explosives & Accessories Private Limited
strongly believes in total commitment and service to all, be it customers,
suppliers and partners. Care is taken to ensure that our business goals and
growth are built around the needs of our customers and employees.

Our value system continues to be the back bone for the growth and
expansion of our Company.
  • Achieve and excel in standards set for day to day activities with
    respect to the quality of goods and services provided to customers.
  • Fair business practices with honesty, reliability and integrity.
    All our transactions stand to the test of any scrutiny.
  • Building strong relationships, better understanding and mutual
    cooperation with all our customers and partners around the world.
  • Responsibility for the health and safety of employees.
  • Work with concern, respect, care for fellow colleagues and their families.
    Take note of everybody’s view point and be accessible to all. Hence
    achieve objectives through total team work.
  • Sensitivity towards the environment.
  • Constant focus for the benefit of the company and its partners.
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