Vision & Values
The Explosives business was started originally in 1985 as Macwin Explosives and
Accessories Private Limited by Mr. Machado an experienced technocrat in the field.

The facility started with an installed capacity of 7.2 million meters of Detonating Fuse,
90 tonnes of Cast Boosters, 108 tonnes of PETN and 5000 tonnes of Slurry Explosives.

Soon thereafter, during the same year the Company was taken over by the MB Group
and later in 1989 the name was changed to Sua Explosives and Accessories Private Limited.
With increasing demand for its products, both in domestic and international markets,
the company felt the need to increase its manufacturing capacity. Its second
manufacturing plant was set up in the year 1999, in Kelzar, near Nagpur, mainly
to cater to the markets in and around Central India.
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