Vision & Values
Brief profile of the Board of directors and key management people.

Mr. Bimal Poddar – Chairman
Mr. Poddar joined the family business at the young age of 19 years in 1961. He steered the Group actively
for over two decades till 1996. Thereafter, he has been the guide and mentor. He also serves on the Boards
of several Indian corporates.

Mr. Abhishek Poddar – Director
Mr.Poddar has been associated for over 2 decades with the group companies which have interests in Industrial
and Mining Explosives, Travel, Trading & Export, Design and Retail. He brings with him knowledge in the area
of marketing, administration and management.

Mr. B.K. Sarronwala – Director
An Engineering Graduate with over 50 years of experience in business. His expertise lies in the areas of
tea cultivation manufacturing and marketing. He has also served on various trade associations and bodies.
He brings with him extensive knowledge in administration, strategy and business management.

Mr. S.R. Kalyanam – Director
Mr. Kalyanam is a fellow member of the Institute of company secretaries of India, and an associate member of
the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India. He has vast experiences in the areas of audit, accounts,
taxation and finance.

Mr. Debasish Chakraborty- Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mr. Debasish Chakraborty, an Engineering Graduate over 30 years of industrial experience, has worked with
Phillips India, ICI/ ORICA Mining Services, GOCL/ IDL, BOC & Graphite India & Saudi Chemical Company
He brings vast knowledge to the group on Exploisves, Engineering, Operations Management and Safety &
Capital Projects, heading business since 2018.

Mr. Y.B Ravindra Rao – General Manager (Marketing)
Mr. Ravindra Rao is a Mining Engineer from School of Mines, K G F and brings with him vast experience of over 33 Year.
He has been associated with technical contribution to his credit given below:
  • Associated with controlled blasting in Metal Mines like U/G Uranium, U/G Copper, U/G Coal Mines.
  • Large Open Cast Coal Mines blasting, Drag Line blasting and controlled blasting in Open cast operations, Large Ir4on Ore Mines.
  • Controlled blasting in large Hydro Electric Projects and Tunnels.
  • Associated with U/G Bulk explosives.
  • Bulk explosive operations.

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